Telecom, Internet and Cable Service providers for Raheja residency

Airtel - Intercom, Telephony and DSL
Contact: Sirikesh 98455-46083 (Sales)
Contact: Harshavardhan 99450-12558 - only for Dead phone, Line disturbance, No Incoming/Outgoing, Instrument problem and parrallel wiring
Contact: Dial 0-1255 for call center
Dialup: How to...
Mail: :
Bill Payments: Cheque drop off box available in the clubhouse

BSNL - Telephony and DSL
Contact: Dial 1500 for call center
Directory service: 2333-3333
Dialup : NetOne- How To...
Contact: Damodaran (Customer relations manager), SDE Ph: 25534480, 94480-10343
BSNL Wi-fi Hotspot available in the clubhouse

Hathway Internet - Cable modem
Contact: 51231313
Bill Payments: Cheque drop off box in Cypress-A block next to the security

Hathway - Cable TV
Mail: :
Contact: 25533122,25504800
Cable TV policy for Raheja residents