Welcome to the Raheja Residency website.

This site is primarily meant for the residents of this apartment complex.

However, if you are interested in doing a promotion/roadshow or a collection drive in Raheja Residency you can fill out the Commercial Enquiries/ NGO collection drives form on this site.

If you are new to Raheja Residency we suggest you start here.

What's new

Code of Conduct. (Updated on 12 Jul 2007)

E-waste collection box in the clubhouse. (Updated on 30 Jun 2006)

Added more sections to Rules and guidelines. (Updated on 15 Jun 2006)

New comers guide to Raheja Residency. (Updated on 14 Jun 2006)

More Useful Community contacts. (Updated on 5 June 2006)

BSNL Customer relations manager contact information. (Updated on 23 Feb 2006)

Skypak drop off box installed in the Clubhouse. (Updated on 24 Jan 2006)

Traffic Rules effective 1st February 2006 (Updated on 22 Jan 2006)