This website is a combined effort of many people.


Administrator: Keerthana. Send a mail if you have an idea for additions and improvement of this site.
Location Map: Thanks to Ganesh (D Block)
Technical Consultant: Vasan (E Block)
Yellow Pages: Sheila Cherian (H Block) and Janaki (D block) helped call and verify active providers.
Useful Numbers: Thanks to Janaki (D block) for contributing the initial list and Deepa Tarak (G block) for developing the page.
Kids coaching: Jyothi Anandaram (E block) collated the information.
Airtel-Dialup: Rajnish (E block) provided the link information.
Event contacts list:Thanks to all the folks who made an effort to share the numbers, so that event organizing becomes easy next time.
Block-wise: Thanks to Mousumi (D block) for giving us the documents to upload

Traffic-rules: Thanks to Mahendran (F block) for the information & Prabhat (G block) for the pictures in jpg.

Diwali photo:Thanks to Khirodra Mishra for sharing the Diwali photo(s) of Raheja residency that's put up in the homepage. And, thanks to many other people for their suggestions, encouragement and support.

How you can contribute

We are looking for contributions for the following. If you are able and willing to do "kar seva", please send a mail to Keerthana citing how you would like to participate.
  • We need a picture of our complex to replace the picture in the header in this website.
  • Re-format the Useful Numbers page to conform to the general style of this website.
  • Create and keep the Events Calendar up to date.
  • Convert the Residents' policies handbook into HTML suitable for posting in this website.
  • Need one person (at least) from each block to create and maintain their block specific pages.
  • Reorganize the site for making it even more user friendly
  • Mechanism for content collabaration - this will enable multiple people update the site with the upto-date information