Getting Started at Raheja Residency

Getting Started at Raheja Residency

Raheja Residency is an apartment consisting of 8 separate buildings (blocks).

The complex has two entrances, commonly referred to as the Main Gate and the Side Gate.

Each building has 7 floors. Some of the blocks have two wings, and correspondingly two entrances / lobbies (East and West).

The buildings are
A block : Cypress
B block : Ebony
C block : Maple
D block : Olive
E block : Pine
F block : Redwood
G block : Spruce
H block : Hazel

Moving In

Each block charges a fee for moving in. You should be provided with a receipt for the amount. Individual blocks have rules on what can be transported in the lift as well as what lift to use for moving heavy items. Please ensure that your movers adhere to these rules.

Facilities Provided


Airtel provides intercom facility and an external phone connection. Ideally the day you move in you should have both up and running. The intercom facility can be used to call the reception of your block, the main gate security, the club-house and other flats within the complex. Currently Airtel provides this service free of charge. The zero dial facility provides you with an external land-line. The incoming calls to this number are free. You will be charged for outgoing calls.

Children’s play areas

There are two play areas with equipment like swings, slides etc. These are located adjacent to the C block and the F block respectively.

Swimming Pool

You need an id card to use this facility.

Table Tennis

You need your own bats and balls.

Tennis Court

You can get the net from the club house. You need to bring your own bats and balls.

Badminton Court

You can get the net from the club house. You need to bring your own bats and shuttle corks.

Billiards table

You need an id card to use this facility.


The supermarket, Vitan, is in Hazel block. They offer home delivery.

Service Providers


A newspaper agent services each block. Contact details are available at the block reception. Just call the number and let them know what newspaper, periodicals you will be subscribing to.


A milk delivery agency services each block. You need to buy coupons for the kind of milk products you propose to buy. The coupons are to be placed in a bag and hung outside your door before you go to sleep. The milk is delivered every morning. If you do not have the coupons, just write what you need on a piece of paper (For example : Nandini toned 1 litre) and put it in the bag. The agency will make sure they sell you the coupons over the weekend and collect the money based on these paper slips.


The whole apartment is serviced by one cable service provider.


Currently we have 3 internet service providers


Each block employs a dhobhi. Collects clothes at door step and irons and delivers the same day. They work on Saturday and Sunday but Tuesday is a holiday.

Electrician and Plumber

Each block employs an electrician and a plumber. Call your block reception to get in touch with them.


Most of the shops / vendors close to the complex will accept orders over the telephone and home deliver goods.