Moving In / Out Moving In / Out

1. Before buying a flat, check with the treasurer of the block association if maintenance or any other payment is pending. You will be expected to clear all pending dues before moving in.

2. Fill out the Move In/Out Form atleast 3 days before you move in/out. Pay the charges and collect the receipt. The charges vary from block to block.

3. Use only the designated lift for moving luggage.

4. Instruct the movers to use the stairs for the really heavy stuff, there is a weight limit for what can be transported in the lift.

5. Make sure the movers clean up after themselves. And that they do not leave cardboard boxes or packing material in the common areas.

6. Avoid moving in / out on Sundays and Public Holidays.

7. There are times during the day where moving is not permitted. Check with your block association for details.

8. Moving trucks will not be allowed into the complex after 6:30pm.

9. Owners/tenants intending to vacate their flats permanently, or for extended periods of time, should inform the Association in advance.