Charges and Fees Charges and Fees

1. Maintenance charges are collected yearly and should be paid to the committee. A cheque or DD favouring the block Association and payable at Bangalore can be used. The maintenance is typically due in September. The exact date and amount will be intimidated by mail. The maintenance is different for each block and is also different based on who is occupying it (owner, tenent or guest house).

2. Monthly bills like electricity bill, telephone bill, cable bill etc. need to be paid by the Owner / Tenant.

3. There is a Move In / Out charge. This is different for each block.

4. Water bill is paid at an apex level.

5. Property taxes need to be paid by the owner. They can be paid on a half yearly or yearly basis and are typically due end of May and end of September.

6. Other authorized fees/charges, if any, levied by the Association should be met in time so that the standard of services provided to all the residents is maintained.