Vehicles Vehicles

1. Your car needs a Raheja Residency sticker for parking in the basement. Fill up a Car Park Sticker Application Form if you need a new sticker.

2. Try not to park a two wheeler along with a four wheeler in one car parking slot.

3. Cars are allowed to park in front of the block for a maximum of 10 minutes for picking up and dropping.

4. Car Wash timings are Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 6 am to 9 am. Cars should be washed when they are parked in the basement and not on the surface.

5. The maximum speed limit inside the complex is 20 kph.

6. Follow all the traffic signs within the complex.

7. The Drivers and Car-wash boys should have Identity cards issued by the Block Association.

8. Please ensure that your vehicle is securely locked when not in use.