Lifts Use of Lifts

1. Usually only one lift will be operational. Multiple lifts are switched on only at times of heavy traffic.

2. When all lifts are in operation, one lift is reserved for usage by residents and their guests. The other lift is to be used by various workers, service providers and for moving luggage. Also, try to use the designated lift when you have a pram or a cycle with you.

3. Children incapable of operating the lift alone, should not use the lift without an accompanying adult.

4. Very bulky and heavy packages / furniture should not be carried by the lift. The side staircases should be used for transferring such materials.

5. Instruct your wards and employees not to unnecessarily fiddle with buttons inside and outside the lifts.

6. If the power goes off while the lift is in operation, it will come to a stop. There is a slight delay before the generator becomes operational and the lift can start up again. Please do not panic, the security will make sure the generator is switched on.

7. The lift has a panic button that can be used in case of a real emergency when the lift comes to a stop between floors or the doors donít open.